The Aeration Blower Control Panel shall be built by TLC Controls Inc., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056, and shall include the following:

The controls shall be enclosed in a NEMA 12 Cabinet and shall operate at 110 Volts AC.

Each Blower shall have its own start/stop button. Individual Blower ammeters indicate the amount of current being drawn by the individual Blower motors; this instrument shall also be calibrated to indicate the cubic feet of air (CFM) being moved by that particular Blower.

Each Blower shall be provided with surge shutdown and time delays for restart. A running light shall indicate which Blowers are in operation; a fail light and timer shall be provided to show that a fault condition exists. Reset buttons shall be provided to reset the Blower, which has been shutdown due to surge current. Protection controls shall be designed so that when volumetric demand of the Blower is increased to the surge volume, the Blower shall shutdown. Each Blower shall have a vibration sensor to monitor the operating condition; excessive vibration shuts down the Blower. A vibration light signals when this condition exists.

Elapsed time meters for each Blower shall keep a perpetual record of Blower usage for monitoring maintenance and provide equal wear.

A terminal strip shall be provided for all external-wiring connections in the control panel for monitoring the following:

  • Low oil pressure for each blower
  • Power failure
  • Motor running
  • Monitor pressure switches
  • Surge shutdown
  • Vibration shutdown
  • Starter failure (motor)
  • Overload signal indicated

This Specification refers to applications where blower motor starters as well as the control transformers are installed in a Control Center (MCC) - Remote from this panel.