All of the TLC systems are rigorously tested prior to shipment.  Through this detailed testing all panel functions are tested in our facility to limit field complications making start-up quite routine.

Testing Program

Our through and intensive testing program provides a system that operates the first time and will continue to operate trouble free for many years.

All TLC control panels are tested, under field conditions, by our exclusive System Test and Operation Process Simulation (STOPS) test unit.
The tester provides 24, 120, 208, 230, 415, 460, and 570 volt single and three phase power for testing any service requirements. Voltmeter, ammeter and actual motor load provides tools to accurately simulate field conditions. A high pot tester checks dielectric conditions of power and control wiring in the control panel.    A switch bank section is used for simulating field devices such as float switches, level probes, temperature switches, etc.  A bank of pilot lights provides visual indication for testing signals being sent to remote systems such as SCADA panels or alarm systems.

Through testing improves performance and makes start-up a breeze.