Medium Voltage Motor Starters

In addition to standard low voltage controls (less than 1000 volt) TLC can also provide medium voltage motor starters rated up to 5000 volts. These starters are typically used for larger deep well submersible pumps rated 200 horsepower and above where power leads can exceed several hundred feet in length. Increasing the voltage to 2400 volts drastically reduces the wire size needed to feed these pumps. Reducing wire size intern lowers suspended weight of the wire as well as its cost.

Medium Voltage Motor Starters More Info

Medium Voltage Switchgear is provided in compartmentalized structures removable circuit breakers, highly insulated bus and vacuum type draw-out starters. TLC can package these starters with Motor Protection systems to comprehensively protect these pumps providing overcurrent, undercurrent, imbalance and back spin protection. Additional metering can also be provided to monitor line voltage and motor current.