Special Applications

TLC prides itself in solving unique control issues.  TLC has the staff and expertise to provide a control solution to any Industrial, Manufacturing, Process, HVAC or new Applications - Please contact TLC to discuss your application needs.  TLC will be in the forefront of these advances - Give us a problem and we will help you solve it.


A customer asked TLC to visit his production facility and provide him options to replace an old, worn out sequence controller on a production machining mill. They wanted to either refurbish & replace broken components within the existing panel or provide options and a quote to replace the panel. After reviewing the components within the old panel (most were not available any longer) it became apparent that the most effective and least costly solution would be to replace the entire control with a new and improved unit incorporating some additional features and a full warranty. The first picture is the original warn out unit and the second is the new updated control panel.

The older technologies used in the original panel required multiple individual components with additional wiring, all of which creates additional opportunities for the panel to fail. Both panels got the job done although the new panel provides additional features and much tighter control with fewer components and significantly reducing the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

In the end, the customer was quite pleased that we could replicate the old system, with by the way had no documentation or drawings. TLC worked with our customer to create a solution to their need while providing a quick return on their investment, warranties included. The Last Picture is the Tapping Machine itself.