The Aquavx Tank and Well Control System uses the tried, tested and proven Aquavx Scout RTU at the tank site and at each well/pump site. At the tank site the RTU monitors the tank level and transmits the information to the well sites. At each well /pump site the local RTU controls the pump(s) based on the tank level and the on/off set points for that particular site.

Controls up to 6 wells

There can be up to six pump well sites in a system and each can have distinct on/off set points allowing wells to be prioritized.

View system status on local display

The status of any well can be monitored from the tank location. On/off set points can be adjusted locally. The tank level can be viewed from any well location.

Web monitoring & control

Utility staff can monitor the control system via the Aquavx web site and, if desired, pumps can be controlled manually via the web interface.

Flexible Alerts

The system can also alert staff via voice, text or email if problems occur such as:

  • High / low water alarms
  • Pump failure alarms
  • Power failure alarms
  • Pump run time alarms

The extensive input ports on the Aquavx Scout RTU allow a wide range of sensors to be connected covering various alarm conditions. For additional information on the Aquavx Scout RTU see its separate data sheet.

Control and reporting!

In addition to providing control of the pumps, the system also provides a host of

additional reporting features including:

  • Pump run times
  • Pump starts
  • Tank level

Reports can be automatically emailed on a scheduled basis and historical data is viewable via the Aquavx web site.

Internet & cellular communications

  • Direct tank to well communication ensures that important control functions are not dependent on internet connectivity.
  • Built in fail safe features in the event of cellular communications loss.

Water quality too!

In addition to providing its primary control function the system can also be connected to additional sensors to monitor water quality parameters.

TLC early Customers are very pleased with this system - no issues, works simply as advertised.

All Set up and programed by Aquvix via a short interview document.