The Aquavx Lift/Pump Station Monitoring Service utilizes the tried, tested and proven Aquavx Scout RTU at the monitored site.

Intelligent hardware

Alarm thresholds & conditions are stored locally on the Aquavx Scout RTU ensuring that such conditions are detected instantly.

View system status on local display

The local control panel allows the user to view channel status, events and event history, and make configuration changes locally. The display can be programmed to automatically scroll through channels of interest when the unit is idle.

Web interface

Be proactive – know the status of your remote site(s) before a crisis occurs! View critical events, site status, run-time data and more - all at your fingertips. Critical events are highlighted in red on all web pages and additional information is available by drilling down into sub-menus on a per-site basis.

Overview map

In additional to the tabular data views the Aquavx system provides an overview map showing the status of each station – ideal for multiple alarm situations such as power alarms during storm activity.

Flexible Alerts

Choose voice, text or email alerts if conditions occur such as:

  • High / low water
  • Pump failure
  • Power failure
  • Excessive pump run time
  • High / low pressure

The extensive input ports on the Aquavx Scout RTU allow a wide range of sensors to be connected covering various alarm conditions. For additional information on the Aquavx Scout RTU see its separate data sheet.

Useful Reporting

The system also provides a host of additional reporting features including:

  • Pump run times
  • Pump starts
  • Totalized flow

Reports can be automatically emailed on a scheduled basis and historical data is viewable via the Aquavx web site.

Secure Access

The user administration module provides various levels of security that are configurable by the user. This allows users to easily configure user access, and groups to receive alerts and determine how alerts are received.

The Aquavx Tank and Well Control System provides a fully functional tank control system at a far lower cost than traditional SCADA systems.

The Aquavx system monitors the level of water in the storage tank and automatically controls up to six remote pumps. Inter-site communications uses a virtual private network via a national cellular network.

  • Affordable
  • User Friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Uses a secure private network
  • No radio systems or phone lines to maintain