Variable Frequency Drives

TLC is an ABB Variable Frequency Drive specialist. We have found that utilizing ABB drives whenever possible provide the most reliable controls. With over 15 years experience using ABB VFD's we can provide the ideal match for your process requirements.

  • ACS800 large motors (up to 2250HP), unlimited options
  • ACS550 Our standard drive good to 550HP
  • ACS355 compact general purpose drive good to 30HP.
  • Will operate on 1HP up to 3HP
  • ACS150 micro drive good to 5HP
AC Tech VFDs
  • SCM & SCL series drives good to 15HP
  • SCF series drives to 30HP
  • SMVector series advanced compact VFD good to 60HP
Allen-Bradley VFDs
  • PowerFlex 40 compact drive good to 15HP
  • PowerFlex 400 designed for pump applications up to 350HP
  • PowerFlex 70 industrial drive good to 50HP
  • PowerFlex 700 performance drive good to 700HP
Danfoss VFDs

  • VLT Aqua Drive FC200 designed for pumps
  • VLT HVAC Drive FC100 designed for fans
Eaton VFDs

  • SVX9000 modular VFD good up to 2,000HP
Hitachi VFDs

  • L700, WJ200
Mitsubishi VFDs

  • FR-F700, 740 & 746
Schneider Electric VFDs

  • Altivar 61 Multi feature VFD good to 900HP
  • Altivar ATV61 Industrial pump and fan VFD good to 100HP
  • Altivar 71 Constant torque applications up to 700HP
Toshiba VFDs

  • G9 Industrial drive good to 350HP
  • P9 Pump control VFD to 400HP
Yaskawa VFDs

  • V1000 Compact VFD good to 25HP
  • F7 Industrial drive good to 500HP